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Whether they are searching for a real estate agent or looking at houses directly, more than 95 percent of real estate buyers use the Internet to search for properties. Nearly half start their search online before picking up the phone. And, for both buyers and sellers, 7 out of 10 contact only one realtor when it’s time to buy or sell a home.

Having a site that attracts viewers and gets them to call you first gives you a critical edge on your competition. For that, you need exceptional real estate website design.

Before you hire realtor web design services, read these website design tips for realtors. They will give you a better idea of what’s needed in a website so you can make an educated choice when it’s time to select the best realtor web design firm for you.

Let Your Personality Shine

First, keep in mind that your site is much more than a glorified business card. Think of it as an extension of your personality that works for you 24/7. To that end, include features on your site that help visitors feel they know you:

  • Feature an “About You” page with a professional headshot of your smiling face.
  • Add a short video explaining your home-selling philosophy and how you help your clients.
  • What other people say about you is even more telling than what you say about yourself, so include plenty of written and/or video testimonials. Pictures of happy clients help, too!
  • Your website design should look highly professional, but also reflect your unique personality. Ask your realtor web design company to help you choose appropriate colors and site themes.

Make It Easy and User-Friendly

User experience is everything when it comes to keeping people engaged on your site long enough to give you a call. Here are some tips you’ll want to implement:

  • Use mobile-friendly design. Find a realtor web design agency with enough expertise in mobile web design to not just create a site that’s responsive, but one that’s truly easy to navigate on any device.
  • Keep your navigation simple. Make sure your viewers can quickly and easily find exactly what they are looking for.
  • Make sure your search tools work the way they should. Include different types of tools (quick search, advanced search, map search) to appeal to people with different interests and online skills.
  • Use design to advantage. Just like selling a home, clutter drives down the value of a website. Keep your design clean and simple. Avoid large blocks of text; use headings and bullets to emphasize important points instead. And make sure the site is laid out to be easy to use at every step.

Be a Valuable Resource for Sellers and Buyers

86 percent of real estate buyers surveyed found online websites to be useful in their home search — even more than who said it was useful to speak with an agent. But your site is only as useful as you make it. Use these features on your site and you will stand out as the agent they want to work with:

  • Include lots of high quality photos. Show off every property from multiple angles — don’t forget the details!
  • Include a “featured properties” section on your site. It’s a great way to promote your high-value homes.
  • Consider including video tours. It will give viewers a sense of “being there.” Many agents believe video helps sell homes faster.
  • Give great tips. Above all, you want to be seen as an invaluable resource. Post frequently to your blog with tips to make the buying and selling experience faster and easier.

Conversion Is the Goal

A beautiful site is nice to have, but never lose sight of the fact that it’s there to help you sell. Here are a few must-haves on your site to keep those commissions rolling:

  • Include your contact info (phone, email, address and social media links) prominently in your header.
  • Make sure prospects get an immediate response when they contact you, no matter the time of day or night. Your realtor web design firm can set this up for you in various ways, such as chat bots or email autoresponder “thank you” pages.
  • Offer site visitors useful information such as home buying and selling guides in return for giving you their contact info for follow-up.
  • Include calls to action throughout your site.


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