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Before people book accommodations at a resort, they have to know the resort exists — exactly why resort marketing is so vital. It’s through resort marketing that a resort can increase visibility, generate interest in its amenities and accommodations, connect with prospects and attract new business.

How does this work? What goes into strategic marketing for resorts? How can a resort know where to focus its efforts for the greatest return on investment? Here is a look at what goes into the best blend of resort marketing services for a business.

Clarifying a Brand

Good marketing starts with good branding, which is about much more than a logo design. By working with a professional resort marketing company, a resort can nail down its brand and messaging, using them as a foundation for all other marketing efforts. Once the brand look, feel and messaging is clear, it can be spread across all marketing channels, amplifying the resort’s image in the process.

Identifying a Target Audience

The surest way to fail at reaching an audience is to skip learning about the people who are in it. A professional resort marketing company can help a resort determine what segments of the population it is targeting. What are they like? Where do they spend time? What is the best way to reach them? Once those questions are answered, the resort will be better prepared to effectively communicate with its desired prospects.

Building a Strong Web Presence

In today’s Internet-driven world, it should almost go without saying that resorts need professional web design and accompanying Internet marketing services to reach their target audiences online. Through services such as SEO and PPC, resorts will be able to increase online visibility through higher ranks in search engines. Likewise, through targeted email marketing campaigns, resorts can send relevant offers and information to prospects’ inboxes.

Making the Most of Referral Marketing

Today’s travelers look to the Web, review sites, friends and social media for recommendations on where to stay or go — resorts can use this to their advantage. Through creative campaigns that celebrate visitors’ Instagram images, or positive online reviews, resorts can harness the power of good word-of-mouth advertising. Likewise, some resorts may wish to use referral programs that allow guests to earn points or perks for sending new business their way.

Garnering Attention Through PR Campaigns

There are lots of ways to make a splash in the hospitality world, and resorts can generate buzz through press releases, community events, articles, content marketing and more. The key to making the most of PR is strategy — something a professional resort marketing firm will be able to assist with doing.

For any resort looking to increase bookings and build a stronger brand, working with a resort marketing agency makes sense. By partnering with professionals who understand the industry, a resort can position itself as a leader in the marketplace — one that knows how to reach its prospects.


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