Salon Web Design Company

When someone is interested in a salon service and visits your website, you have a unique opportunity to quickly and conveniently generate new business. That is, if your website design is up to snuff. Is yours working as well as it should?

To create a powerful salon website that increases conversions and grows business, you need the help of a salon web design company. Through professional salon web design services, you can build the kind of site that’s a 24/7 marketing tool.

What Elements Will a Salon Web Design Agency Incorporate?

Backed by an understanding of website design and the salon industry, a salon web design firm will look to incorporate several must-haves in your site design. These include, but aren’t limited to:

1. Aesthetics. Particularly in a beauty industry such as salons, it’s vital that your website is visually pleasing. You have a small window of opportunity to make a first impression that motivates a visitor to become a client. A salon web design firm will help you create a site that’s simple, streamlined and attractive enough to attract potential clients.

2. Responsive design. Expect more than half of the traffic on your salon website to come from mobile devices. Therefore, you need responsive design to reach the visitors who are pulling up your site on their smartphones or tablets — a design that automatically adapts to the screen of the user.

3. Prominent contact info. You want people to book appointments or call your salon, right? A salon web design company will help you by including easy-to-use contact forms and a prominent phone number throughout your site. Likewise, make your phone number clickable from mobile devices for one-click calling, and add mapping/directions to your location.

4. Online booking. By giving visitors access to book appointments no matter when they’re viewing your website, you gain the ability to land clients even when your brick-and-mortar facility is closed. An online booking service frees up your front desk and streamlines operations.

5. Information on services. Most people who come to your site will want to know about the services you offer. Provide that information and increase interest by building a menu of pages describing your specific services and beauty treatments.

6. Testimonials. Before someone trusts you with a haircut, pedicure or other salon service, he or she wants to know you’re credible and good at what you do. Testimonials and reviews go a long way toward establishing trust, so including them is a must for promoting your services.

7. Updated specials. Are you running a summer discount or a back-to-school special on haircuts? Advertise it on your site and use compelling calls to action to prompt visitors to book with you. Be sure to update this information as seasons and specials change, too, to avoid looking outdated online.


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