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Education is becoming an increasingly competitive field. With school voucher programs popping up in districts across the country, and online options creating competition for the modern college and university, you must be able to remain competitive in order to continue attracting applicants to your school. If you are looking to extend your reach and grow your student body, these proven school marketing tactics will help.

1. Create and Optimize Your Website

Your school’s website is one of the first things many potential students (or parents) will see about your institution, so it must be effective. This starts with logical and cohesive web design. Once you have a site up and running that properly reflects your school’s value and goals, partner with a school marketing firm to ensure the website is optimized. Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the tactics integrated into your Internet marketing campaign that will make your school’s online presence rank high in the search engines. SEO will help your website draw traffic from those people searching “school” or “college” in your geographic area.

2. Engage in Content Marketing

Another way to draw people to your institution is to brand your teachers and your school as a whole as experts in the field of education. A content marketing plan can help. Content marketing refers to publishing and promoting high-value online content that will draw traffic to your site, while also branding your school as a thought leader. Some places where you can publish this content includes:

  • Your school’s blog
  • Other education blogs as a guest blogger
  • YouTube and TED Talk Videos
  • Social media

A school marketing company can help plan and implement this strategy as you seek to promote your school’s brand.

3. Host an Open House

When it comes to marketing for schools, some of the work must be done offline. People need to see your facility and engage with your teachers before they will trust you to educate their children. Have an open house, but set yours apart by featuring guest speakers or offering energetic guided tours of your facility. These types of in-person events combined with an effective Internet marketing strategy will increase your overall success. While people are at the open house, gather mailing addresses and email addresses for your direct mail and email marketing campaigns, respectively.

4. Use Paid Advertising Effectively

If you are going to pay to advertise your school, make sure the money is being well spent. Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is one such marketing tactic. These advertising campaigns allow you to place ads in search engines based on your desired keyword strands — and you are charged only when a user (hopefully a parent or prospective student) clicks those links. This is highly targeted traffic that can lead to more applications for your school. The key to making a PPC campaign effective is working with a school marketing agency to find effective keywords that will zero in on your target market.

5. Add Video Marketing to Your Overall Strategy

Consider adding a video marketing component to your overall content marketing strategy. Today’s Internet users are rarely going to read a large chunk of text, but they’re more likely to spend time engaging with visual content. Effective education-themed videos, or even short courses available for free online, will help draw potential students to your school.


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