Senior Living Marketing Agency

Businesses that serve the senior population face some unique challenges in marketing. They need to target both seniors and seniors’ family members, which are often completely different demographics.

Marketers need to help prospects get past any mental hang-ups with hiring help — whether those are financial challenges or guilt on the part of family members who care for their loved ones.

In any case, finding new clients and building business hinges on effective, strategic senior living marketing. This is why any company that serves seniors with housing or living assistance will benefit from the support of a senior living marketing company that creates custom marketing strategies aimed at helping it grow.

Challenging Industry Stereotypes

What’s often tough for senior living facilities is overcoming stereotypes intrinsic to the industry. The nursing homes of years ago are still fresh in many prospects’ minds, so marketing a community or care center in a way that pushes past those images takes effort. A senior living marketing firm can help through strategic branding — images, content and messaging aimed at defining the look, feel and lifestyle of a given facility. After establishing a clear brand, the firm can help strategize how senior living marketing services will be most effective at getting that branding communicated to prospects.

Why Work With a Senior Living Marketing Agency?

There are multiple benefits that come from partnering with a senior living marketing agency. First, the agency understands the market, so it knows how to direct branding and messaging accordingly. Likewise, a senior living marketing company specializes in using professional services such as web design, Internet marketing, social media, direct mail, email marketing campaigns, community involvement, creative materials, and more to drive measurable outcomes. Rather trying every possible method, a senior living facility that works with a senior living marketing firm can focus its efforts on the most time-tested, research-based, beneficial strategies for growth.

Benefits of Strategic Senior Living Marketing Services

From responsive web design to search marketing such as SEO and PPC, there are a variety of marketing services used today in the senior living industry. One strategy that a marketing firm might use in marketing for senior living is email marketing — targeting messages to recipients’ through their inboxes. Other strategies include (a) content marketing to build authority and connect with prospects, (b) creative materials to have on hand at the facility or to hand out at events and tradeshows, and (c) social media to reach people where they already spend a lot of time.

Determining the best blend of services is something that a senior living marketing agency specializes in providing. When a business goes to a marketing agency, it can get thorough research, data-driven strategies and ongoing measurement of campaigns to facilitate the greatest return on investment.

Straight North is pleased to provide custom Internet marketing and creative services to a variety of clients, including those in the senior living industry.


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