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Software and technology companies are more important than ever in today’s tech-focused business landscape. From app development to IT consulting to SaaS solutions that keep companies operating efficiently and effectively, the need for these businesses has never been greater — and there is no shortage of service providers stepping up to meet the need.

In order to stand out from the throng, software and technology marketing can help you develop powerful ways to reach and communicate with potential and existing customers. In order to make a decision on seeking and choosing a software and technology provider, companies (or individuals) will often go through several steps:

  • Identify a need or problem
  • Determine a solution (or the need for assistance in determining a solution)
  • Research providers that may have the proper capabilities or expertise to provide the solution
  • Narrow choices via RFP, further research or communication
  • Make a decision

It’s an extensive process that potential customers don’t take lightly. In order to be successful at marketing your software and technology company (and thus driving more sales), you must address every step of this process in the correct manner. Online marketing, and software and technology services, can help.

Internet marketing

Internet marketing is an umbrella term that encompasses many practices, some of which are described below. Most software and technology marketing firms will offer more specific services in addition to the “Internet marketing” overview — read on for a refresher course of those services.


By populating your site with valuable content and good information that covers what your prospective customers will be searching for when they need a provider like you, you can optimize your web presence to appear higher in search rankings on sites such as Google and Bing. This practice, known as search engine optimization (SEO), can take months to see results, but pays dividends as an organic way to increase your visibility. SEO is a good first step that is provided by just about every software and technology marketing agency.


Pay per click (PPC) can dovetail with SEO as a way of getting your site to appear above others in search rankings. With PPC, you bid to appear at the top of results for specific search terms and location targets, ensuring that users who search those terms will see you first. Since PPC is a bid-based method, it can be difficult to determine budget and ROI targets, so it’s advisable to consult with a software and technology marketing company for guidance.

Email marketing

Collecting email addresses from existing and potential customers can be difficult, but can be a useful way of tackling all steps of the buying decision process. In fact, email marketing is most effective, especially in business-to-business sales, at nurturing prospects (or existing customers) during those “in-between” times when they’re not actively looking to make a purchase. By creating interest with useful information via email, you can be top of mind at later stages in the cycle.

Web design

Web design, in software and technology marketing, can cover many areas: visual layout, information hierarchy, demos or samples, content, quote information, and much more. Creating a cohesive and intuitive experience for visitors is the key factor that connects all of them, and can help make the difference between a new customer and someone who chooses to look elsewhere.


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