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In a luxury industry such as spas, website design is as much about aesthetics as it is about information. Through your site, you’re setting the stage for the spa experience your clients can expect with you.

Before a potential new client makes an appointment, he or she is probably going to check out your website. And, in terms of helping build business, your website design is incredibly important. The overall impression it creates could determine whether or not you get calls. With that in mind, a spa web design agency can help you create a site that connects with prospects and draws them to you.

Elements of a Good Spa Website: Spa Web Design Services to Help You

What should your website include to attract new business? What makes a spa site effective? To help answer these questions, here are some examples of the features a professional spa web design company would include.

  • Eye-catching images. It’s said a picture is worth a thousand words, and that’s especially true on a spa website. Skip the stock photos and any images that don’t communicate a positive sense of your brand. Instead, invest in the kind of stunning photos that tell visitors about your spa, communicate a sense of beauty and entice people to visit in person.
  • Streamlined design. Good design is as much about what you leave out as it is about what you include. Don’t clutter your site with unnecessary information. Instead, pare down to the most important, prioritized content — such as information about your services, facility, location and specials. Use plenty of white space. Keep the navigation menu to six items or fewer. You want to be succinct and make it easy for visitors to learn about you.
  • Info on location and hours. Prospective clients will want to know where you’re located and when you’re open. Make this information easy to find, and include mapping to help visitors locate you.
  • Prominent contact info. Be easy to reach by providing simple contact forms, and place your phone number somewhere prominent — such as the top right-hand corner of your pages.
  • Online booking. Facilitate spa appointments by allowing online booking on your site. This not only saves your front desk time, but it also allows visitors to book at any hour of the day or night.
  • Mobile readiness. Since more than half of today’s Internet users are on mobile devices, your website is losing a portion of the audience if it’s set up only for desktops. A responsive website design — which adapts to a visitor’s viewing device automatically — is a must for today’s spa industry.


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