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The telecommunications industry is one of the most competitive in today’s economy. And, it’s a constantly changing industry. New technologies steadily entering the market force telecom companies to change their services and strategies frequently. Often, that means having to change or defend your customer base — making customer attraction and retention even more critical.

With all this volatility in the industry, great website design is essential for any telecom company. If you are seeking telecom web design services, it’s important to understand the basic principles of good web design in this industry.

Here are some telecom website design tips that will help optimize your lead generation, online sales conversion and customer support capabilities.

Start with clean, engaging design.

Online attention spans are notoriously short. Eliminate anything distracting or confusing from your site design and include elements that make you stand out from the crowd.

  • Use large, bold images to catch the eyes and attract the viewer.
  • Include icons to break up text and direct the eyes.
  • Utilize different types of content visually. A tile design can be very effective.
  • Put important links in the footer so your viewer can go directly to their desired destination once they’ve scrolled to the end of the page.
  • Make navigation simple. Your visitors should be able to get anywhere with just a click or two.
  • Make your calls to action (CTAs) big and bold.
  • Use clear, benefit-driven language to keep visitors engaged.
  • Mobile-responsive design is a must. A competent telecom web design agency will create a mobile-friendly site that optimizes user experience (UX) on every page.

Effective design starts with knowing your prospect and your goals for the site. Be sure to select a telecom web design company that takes the time to understand your business before it begins work on your site.

Use lead generation best practices.

  • Employ content marketing to boost traffic and establish your authority. Your telecom web design agency can help provide great content for your blog and advise on how to leverage your content for best results.
  • Capture leads with a simple, bold opt-in form and an appropriate lead magnet. For B2B audiences, white papers work very well. Consumer markets usually respond better to coupons or checklists.
  • Include your contact information in your header and on all pages, along with prominent CTAs.

Convert visitors to customers.

Keep abandoned carts to a minimum by making the online sales process as easy as possible.

  • Use clear, compelling calls to action — but limit the number of CTAs per page to avoid analysis paralysis!
  • Design your sales funnel to require the fewest clicks possible.
  • Make sure the payment process is easy.
  • Include trust-building elements on your site. Testimonials, guarantees and inside information about your company all help consumers feel safe enough to buy.

Don’t forget customer support!

Including customer service tools on your site will help maximize customer retention.

  • Consider adding 24/7 chat to your site.
  • Integrate with social media so your customers can reach out to you there if they choose.
  • Include a comprehensive portal that lets customers conduct all their business with you conveniently online.

Knowing these telecom website design best practices will help you choose a suitable telecom web design firm that can build you a site that best meets your needs. Of course, a good agency will have many more techniques, so be sure to ask how it can help you optimize results for your company’s unique marketing and customer services goals.


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