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You want more patients at your veterinary office, but you’re not sure how to go about doing so. Maybe you’ve set up a website, but haven’t seen much traffic. Maybe the only pets/customers coming to your office are ones you’ve had for a long time. Sound familiar? How can you attract more pet owners to your location?

Here’s the thing: Your veterinary practice could have the slickest website in the marketplace, but if pet owners aren’t finding it, you’re losing business. A veterinary SEO company can help by tweaking (or building, if necessary) your website to make it search engine-friendly and establish more industry authority. Through savvy veterinary SEO services, you can become the office that not only more pet owners know about, but more importantly, the one they contact for an appointment.

Reaching Pet Owners Right When They’re Looking for You

If you’re a dog owner or cat owner new to your city, and need to schedule a pet checkup, how do you find a veterinarian? If you’re like most people, you head to a search engine — which is why working with a veterinary SEO agency can be so valuable. If you can position your practice in front of searchers at the moments they need a vet, you can drive more traffic, leads and business.

Two Crucial Aspects of Veterinarian SEO

  • Optimizing your website. The only way your website will appear in search results for “vet (your city)” or “(your city) veterinarian”, for example, is if those terms are optimized in your website content. A veterinary SEO agency can create a content strategy with a proper hierarchy of content and keyword-rich pages and posts. This allows you to target relevant terms that will draw searchers to your site. Other on-site optimization efforts include responsive website design (so content displays well on computers and mobile devices), structured data (to provide specific details about your content to search engines), and localized content (that helps your practice rank well in local search results).
  • Increasing online authority. As valuable as on-site optimization can be, it accounts for only 25 percent of SEO. The other 75 percent concentrates on offline efforts — the quantity and quality of links pointing back to your site. A veterinary SEO firm will work to increase links to your website to help build authority and relevance with search engine crawlers.

Working With a Veterinary SEO Agency

To maximize your ROI on search engine optimization efforts, you need a reputable veterinary SEO company on your side. A professional veterinary SEO firm can help you:

  • Research keywords for content optimization
  • Build search engine-friendly content
  • Increase website traffic
  • Build online authority
  • Generate more client leads
  • Enhance your office’s branding
  • Grow your patient database


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