SEO for Wineries

Any wine company looking to increase online exposure needs to think about search engine optimization (SEO).

Whether your focus is selling wine online, selling wine in a brick-and-mortar shop, promoting wine tastings or connecting with vendors, a wine SEO company can help you reach your goals.

Through strategic wine SEO services intended for both your website and its online reputation, a wine SEO agency helps you rank higher in search engine results — and, in turn, gets you increased traffic, a greater number of leads and improved business.

How does SEO work for wine companies? Here are five examples of strategies a professional wine SEO firm might use to move its brand higher in search rankings.

  1. Researching keywords. If your goal is to rank high for a general keyword such as “wine”, you’ll have a hard time seeing business results from your efforts. Focus instead on what’s known in SEO as long-tail keywords (i.e., longer, more detailed phrases that draw a smaller but more relevant audience) and you can boost ROI. A wine SEO agency will be able to research which keywords make the most sense for your company, and build strategies from there.
  2. Building quality content. The more quality content on your site (aimed at relevant keywords), the better chance it has of improving in search rankings. A professional wine SEO company can build a comprehensive content strategy that includes individual pages for individual types of wine, for example, and blog posts with helpful, relevant information for your target audience.
  3. Link building. Good content not only improves the value of your site, but it also encourages organic linking from other sites — because Google wants to reward the quality information you’re providing. Since roughly 75 percent of SEO is comprised of off-site elements (i.e., the quality and quantity of links pointing back to your site), this strategy is vital for improving results.
  4. Making the homepage a resource. Even if you’re required to age-protect your site in a way that demands users verify they are at least 21 before proceeding, you can still build SEO. You might use a pop-up screen over the homepage, for example, and still have public, search-friendly content posted for search engines to see.
  5. Moving from PDFs to search-friendly content. Even if you like keeping wine data in PDFs, thinking like a search engine means making your information searchable. Move your content to search-friendly webpages instead, to ensure all of your information is viewable and indexable by search engines.

When it comes to wine SEO, it’s hard to overestimate the value of partnering with a professional SEO company that can optimize your site for search and give you tangible results.


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